High Performance Aazel Sand Rakes, Bag Snaggers and Snake Catchers

At Pro Tools Outlet, you will get find exclusive range of specialty tools such as Aazel Sand Rakes, Bag Snaggers and Snake Catchers. As a reliable and leading retailer of Aazel Tools product, we strive to offer every customer highly functional tools at reasonable price.

Aazel Sand Rakes:

Aazel sand rakes series available at our online store will prove to be most effective and convenient tools for fast and easy way of cleaning sand from volleyball court, playground or park. Manufactured from rust resistant material, the Aazel sand rakes are designed to offer reliable service and high performance. You will get a convenient approach of cleaning the sand by using the sand rake, which will provide ergonomic comfort.

Durable Bag Snaggers:

Bag Snaggers at Pro Tools Outlet is available in Basic and Pro Snagger set, which has telescoping or fiberglass pole and grapnet. Aazel’s BagSnaggerTM is considered ideal for grabbing or loosening things lodged in tree branches in a pond or any hard to reach place. The Bag Snagger has a pole constructed from Aazel’s rugged fiberglass poles and telescopes as well as at the top has sharp hook on one side (for cutting) and on the other side only simple hook for snagging.

Snake Catchers:

Aazel snake catchers available at our online store are lightweight, versatile and strong, which can be conveniently used for picking up snakes, dangerous reptiles and other hazardous & harmful items. You can keep out pesky reptiles and crawling species away from your lawn and garden by using the snake catcher, which has a tong to safely hold the snake without injuring it.

All the tools are 100% made in USA; Contact us today at 812-853-3822 or browse through the webpage to select a perfect specialty tool.

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Basic Snagger Set - Aazel BagSnagger

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