Stump Grinder

Highly Functional and Efficient Stump Grinder Teeth

At Pro Tools Outlet, you will find top quality and highly functional stump grinder teeth, which is also referred as stump cutter teeth, stumper teeth or shark bite. Stump grinder teeth or stump cutter teeth is a carbide-tipped cutting tool, which can be used on Dosko, Rayco, Beeline, Promark, Vemeer machines for providing best results.

How Our Tools are Effective?

As a time saver and productivity enhancer, stump cutter teeth or stump grinder teeth available at Pro Tools Outlet eliminates bending, twisting and breaking, which suitably helps in avoiding machine shutdown and bearing expense of high maintenance costs. Your machine’s performance will increase with an improved cutter wheel thrust, balance and inertia with use of our stump cutter teeth or stump grinder teeth.

What makes Our Tools Worth?

Our stump series have a low profile design, which provides extra clearance for mounting block and passes through without obstruction or dragging effect. This helps the carbide tip to be in full contact with the material, which results in convenient removal. Stump grinder and cutter tool at Pro Tools Outlet will cut cleanly through the stump providing full utilization of machine’s horsepower for cutting or discharging chips. Our stump grinder and cutter tools are designed to fit industry standard cutter wheels, which are also easy to install. With long working life, our stump grinder or cutter teeth can suitably fit on all standard cutting wheels, which do not require gauges for changing or installing teeth.

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